How to Become a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Did you know that Microsoft and the Federal Reserve Bank are on the lookout for new Chief Technology Officers? But what exactly does a CTO do and what skills and education are companies looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all figured out! For this video, we have analyzed and reverse-engineered more than 100 job descriptions provided by employers to find out the key patterns and skills one needs for the role nowadays. We have mapped out the best industries, companies, locations as well as education, experience and required skills to consider if you have set your sight on the CTO role.

Video Timestamps:

0:00 Intro
1:42 Who is a CTO?
2:18 What are the companies and industries with more openings?
3:12 Which are the locations with a higher concentration of job offers?
4:00 What education is expected for a CTO role?
5:17 What is the ideal experience required for a CTO role?
5:40 What are the skills and expertise a typical CTO should possess?
7:58 You got this!

According to the data, the majority of the companies have listed Computer Science as the preferred educational background for CTOs. Other more prominent fields of concentration include Mathematics, EE, and Statistics. In terms of skills, employers are looking for programming languages, front-end technologies, popular technologies and tools, such as machine learning and git, domain knowledge, soft skills and communication skills.

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