What Is Citrobacter Freundii? | Ask Eric Bakker

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Today, we’re going to talk about a bacteria called Citrobacter Freundii. Quite an unusual name.

Very strange name indeed. So, I don’t want you to get too bogged down when it comes to many different types of bacteria, because there are different types of family, species, etc. It’s not really that important to know all this kind of stuff, I just found this quite interesting article on the internet. A microbiology class notes in fact which are very good descriptions.

You can read all about Citrobacter and what it is, but it is basically a facultative anaerobic gram-negative coliform bacteria of the enterobacteria family.

Did you understand any of that? Probably not. So, this bacteria is quite normal living in the intestines of humans and animals. Many people will have Citrobacter. Citrobacter was discovered in 1932, so not really that long ago.

It can cause a lot of problems in people who are immune compromised. The weak, the sick, the frail, the very elderly, or the very young. It’s found sometimes for example to be a big problem with neonatal meningitis. Small infants or elderly people can be particularly hard hit when it comes to bacterial imbalances in the gut. They haven’t got a lot of resistance there and they’re very susceptible.

This bug I find quite often in stool tests for people. When I do stool tests, we’ve got the good bugs in the green column, the beneficial or expected flora. We’ve got the imbalanced flora in the middle, which is represented by a yellow column, and on the red, we’ve got the dysbiotic or the bad flora. You don’t really want this biotic there.

Try and understand, I’ve said this before in videos people that can become imbalanced if they see an opportunity arises they can steal things and stuff like that. Then the downright nasty people, the pedophiles, the seriously corrupt politicians, the terrorists, ISIS, all that kind of stuff, that’s in the red column. Citrobacter can become a terrorist in your body if it overgrows. I’m particularly interested to look at the beneficial expected flora when I see Citrobacter, because generally I find lower numbers. If you’ve had antibiotics, for example, concurrently you could be a sitting duck for Citrobacter. It’s very common to find that.

Citrobacter can cause a lot of problems in people. Urinary tract infections for example can happen with E-coli infections. Quite commonly cause UTIs, but Citrobacter can also cause UTIs. The particular symptoms we’re looking for for UTIs from E-coli: burning sensations, urging, offensive smelling urine. I find this symptom in particular quite an interesting one with this bacteria. Also, blood in urine. If you’ve got any kind of UTIs, make sure particularly if you’ve been treated again and again you could have a Citrobacter problem. Remember, especially for females, bacteria can be transferred from one region to another because of the proximity, and this can be a big issue. It’s important to get your digestive system clean if you get recurring UTIs.

Citrobacter has also been linked with respiratory kinds of infections. It can also even affect the organs if it gets out of control. It can affect the liver, the kidneys, intestines, it can cause seriously bad infection. What’s the solution for Citrobacter? How do you get on top of this thing? Well, like any other bacterial overgrowth, it’s important to get the beneficial bacteria up again.

It’s important to take things out of the diet that feed this kind of imbalance. It’s important to keep the adrenal function strong, to keep your cortisol levels balanced, which allows your immune system to be very strong and vigilant and will stop imbalances occurring, i.e., stress. Watch out for stress. Stress increases your vulnerability, increases your susceptibility and decreases your resistance allowing you to get hit hard by these bugs.



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