China Successfully Developed EUV Lithography Light Source!

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Harbin Institute of Technology is a top university in China. It has successfully developed important lithography machine technology on the 14nm lithography machine before, providing strong support for the mass production of China’s domestic 14nm lithography machine.

Recently, Harbin Institute of Technology came out with explosive news that it has successfully developed the light source of EUV lithography machine.

This will be the first time that the United States and ASML have monopolized EUV lithography machines with the LCC EUV alliance.

It is said that the “electric energy conversion plasma line” technology developed by Harbin Institute of Technology can realize DPP-EUV light source, opening a door for China’s domestic EUV lithography machine.

This is also one of the important core technologies of EUV lithography machines.

China’s chip manufacturing process has been unable to break through 7 nanometers, because the United States prevents ASML from selling EUV lithography machines to China.
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